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Description of book contents (books are 6 x 9 inches unless otherwise noted)

The “On a Wing and a Prayer” series of true stories of birds who helped people in significant ways. $9.95 each, or $35 for the set of four paperbacks (pb) in pink, blue, yellow and lilac.

Book One: Just a  Little Higher, by Linda Franklin, 82 pages, illustrated
This first volume in the series is one of true accounts drawn from Linda’s own experience and the women who shared their stories with her about the im-peck-able timing of birds who came to their rescue when life looked hopeless. Includes a story given to Linda by renown wildlife author, Penny Porter, A Rooster Named Benedict; the story of a fowl-natured cockerel who learned to love…properly!

Book Two: Staying Aloft, by Linda Franklin, 92 pages, illustrated
This second volume of bird stories is about how birds have helped men cope with the traumas and injustices of life. Includes a popular story by Penny Porter, Flight of the Red Tail—the touching account of how she and her son rescued, rehabilitated and then released a badly wounded hawk.

Book Three: Climbing the Heights, by Linda Franklin, 96 pages, illustrated
The third book in the On a Wing and a Prayer series that includes unbelievable, absolutely true accounts of birds who played a significant role in the healing of human hearts. Includes another wonderful Penny Porter story, Love on the Wild Side, about Penny’s daughter, Jaymee, who taught her family some important lessons after rescuing an injured mourning dove.

Book Four: Such Sweet Songs, by Linda Franklin, 123 pages, photos included.
This fourth book in the bird series, On a Wing and a Prayer, captures amazing stories of meaningful bird songs that encouraged people at critical times in their lives. This book includes a series of photos of Sir Winston, a baby robin Linda rescued, quite literally, “from the jaws of death.”

Kindle edition available here.


Country in My Heart, ($19.95) by Jere and Linda, 288 pages, paperback, photos of families.
This book is a collection of stories about families who desired a country home but thought they were unable to afford the move. These modern-day miracle stories capture the pathos, disappointments and joys of securing a home in the country as believers claim promises and pray earnestly. Read in amazement how God orchestrates circumstances to bring the desire for country living into reality.

God’s Appointed, ($10 or free with $35 order) by Jere Franklin, 141 pages, paperback, illustrated
Could it be possible that the Lord still takes joy, as He did in the Garden of Eden, in a match made in heaven? Yes; if those who are drawn to each other are first drawn to do the work assigned to them by their Creator, they might have a little heaven to go to heaven in!

Rainbow in the Flames, ($19.95) by Linda Franklin, 222 pages, paperback, 8 pages of color photos
Linda’s first person account of eight-year-old Jed’s (Jere and Linda’s son) healing journey from a life-threatening burn accident. “Who will ever love me, now,” Jed asked his mother. “I’m all scarred up!” But God had a plan, a beautiful plan!
“I couldn’t put the book down!” says FD of British Columbia.

Sanctuary in the Storm, ($19.95) by Linda Franklin, 260 pages, paperback with many b/w photos,
“You’ve written accounts of other people’s lives, Linda. Maybe it’s time to write the Linda and Jere chronicle,” said some of the folks who attended Jere’s memorial in 2019. So, this is the story of how Jere and Linda met, the childhood that shaped both of them, their medical missionary training, their migration to northern Canada, their wilderness school, their traumas of homelessness, tragedy, and restoration, their Sanctuary Ranch Family Camps and worldwide ministry, “You Can Survive!” The book includes over forty pages of sermons from Jere’s weekend presentations, and was Jere’s last writing request to Linda.

Shadows Point to Rainbows, ($19.95) by Linda Franklin, 180 pages, paperback with b/w photos
What are the qualities of a champion? Adaptable, consistent, brave, hardworking, loyal, and joyful despite unexpected reversals. This story is about how Champion, an unwanted dog, became eight-year-old Jed’s best friend, the angel with four paws who helped him heal following a burn accident. Who knew that among his other outstanding qualities, Champion would become a blue ribbon winner!

Kindle edition available here.

Tu Puedes Sobrevivir! (Special $12!) by Jere Franklin, 528 pages, paperback, illustrated, indexed, includes a recipe section. This book is the Spanish edition of You Can Survive!

You Can Survive! ($19.95) by Jere Franklin, third edition, 493 pages, paperback, illustrated, indexed, includes a  recipe book.
Jere’s popular and  inspiring survival manual designed to help the remnant face the final days of earth’s history with confidence in the One who planned the future..
This touching message was left on Jere’s phone by Jacob, “Hey! This is an 11-year-old kid named Jacob. One of my friends was driving by my house and found this book on the ground. They picked it up. It said, ‘You Can Survive!’ by Jere Franklin. They gave me the book. I have read this book over, and over,  and over. It just…speaks to me! There is a lot of problems going on in my family; my Dad is gone, and other stuff…(heavy sigh…quietness…a muffled sniff). I just wanted to thank you for your book. It really means a lot to me.”

Kindle edition available here.

Your Home in the Country, ($19.95) by Linda Franklin, third edition, 275 pages, 8½ x 11 inches, comb binding, photographs, illustrations to color, index, and a recipe section.
This manual is written as a response to women’s concerns about their inability to survive the primitive country living conditions in the end times. It aims to increase skills and boost confidence. You’ll find topics such as gardening tips, the fine art of food preservation and storage, home remedies, salve-making, a garden to kitchen recipe book, many guiding principles from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, and humorous accounts of Jere and Linda’s own survival while living without electricity or running water in Canada’s Far North for many years. Are you afraid of the end times? This book will help lay those fears to rest.

Your Home in the Country Coloring Book, ($9.95) 40 images, 8½  x 11 inches, staple-bound
This book is designed especially for Sabbath activities for adults and children. Includes a Bible or Spirit of Prophecy quotation that applies spiritual principles to the illustrations.


Pamphlets ($2 each)

At the Border of Canaan: Choosing, today, between love and lust

Conspiracy Theory: Are there any of Satan’s plans that God cannot overrule?

Empty Offering Plates: What’s the plan when we cannot give money?

God’s Last Effort: God’s Last Effort to awaken His people

Ribbon of Blue: God cares about how we dress

The Lamb Escaped: The significance of the Old Testament feasts

The Privilege of Worship: The events of our worship services are blood bought

Tithe: God’s amazing plan for stretching his gifts and testing our consecration

True Education: God’s blueprint for training our children according to His plan

Closing Events Charts ($10)

The 2 ft. by 3 ft. teaching chart (English or Spanish), clearly delineates the prophesied sequence of end-time events. The Lord will supply our necessities after the close of probation (Early Writings, p. 56, Isaiah 33:16) while we need to raise our own provisions before probation closes (Country Living, p. 9, 10).

Sermon CDs and DVDs

Available from Jed and Amber Franklin 1-250-788-9421 or

Sermon Topics:

  • Accusations • Loud Cry • National Sunday Law • Blessed By Who You Know • No Buy—No Sell • God is Love • Intercession • Treasures in the Trash • The Narrow Way • Close of Probation • Restoration • Left Behind • God’s Call to Country Living • The Latter Rain • Hastening Our Lord’s Return • True Education •

New! Practical DVD available which explains reasons for moving our families to country homes, log cabin building, use of crosscut saw, log tongs, drawknife, construction and operation of a greenhouse, use of treadle sewing machine, and pressing oil from sunflower seeds. (We would like to complete this series of practical videos!)

Sanctuary Ranch Family Camp

The Franklins teach the spiritual reasons behind practical preparations they demonstrate at their yearly Family Camp. View more details at

“Again and again the Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families away from the cities, into the country, where they can raise their own provisions; for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one” (Country Living, pages 9-10).

Spiritual Presentations

A storm is coming, relentless in its fury. Are we prepared to meet it? (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8, p. 315) If there was a plan to provide for your family during the time of coming catastrophes wouldn’t you want know about it?  Love and sharing are the motivating factors for true survival and revival.

Request a Church Seminar: Coming Events seminars presented by Linda may be organized for your church by requesting your pastor to contact us for more information:, 1-250-788-2944.

Pamphlets, books and charts will be available soon.

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